Bathroom Fitters London

Bathroom Fitters London

Bathroom Fitters in LondonOur Bathroom Fitters London provide complete designing and first class installation services. Our team of designers has a long list of bathroom concepts for you to choose from. We do everything from designing to the installation and refurbishment of minor fixtures inside you bathroom. We will see to it that no detail goes unnoticed.

We deliver our services in the best means possible. We value our customers a lot. We have budget friendly installations that would suit your needs and your budget. We don’t just deliver our services right but we also want to make the most out of your budget.

Our bathroom installation includes the following:
• Installation of new fixture and replacement of old ones- For renovation purposes, we will remove any old fixtures and replace them with new ones that are indicated in the designing phase.
• Bathroom designs and concepts- Our top class designers will provide you with sets of options to choose from before any work is done in your bathroom.
• Refurbishment of existing bathroom- We can also complement the bathroom that you already have with trendy fixtures that would surely make your bathroom look better and more functional
• Installation of walk-in showers / wet rooms- We offer installation of wet rooms into your bathroom for practicality reasons. Not only is it practical but it also is the latest trend in bathrooms today where big and bulky tubs no longer fits.
• Bathroom floor installation / repair- Bathroom flooring never goes unnoticed. We will install nothing but the best materials for your flooring that would complement the beauty of your bathroom.
• Bathroom lighting replacement- We can replace the conventional light bulbs and replace them with more suitable and functional lighting for your bathroom.
• Vanity cabinet installation- A storage facility for your bathroom is necessary. We will install vanity cabinets in your bathroom that not only looks good but is also very functional

All the services that we offer follow the standard building regulations so there’s totally nothing to worry about.

First Choice Building Company can design and create the bathroom of your dreams. We can install any sort of fixtures and furniture in your bathroom to maximize functionality and comfort. Call us now on 020 3322 8259 for more information.